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How to prepare a meal plan for weight loss. Updated!


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There are different ways for you to start your weight loss journey. From following a diet plan to working out regularly, there are a lot of things you can do. However, you might have several questions related to which diet is best for weight loss and what diet plan to follow.

Here, in this article, we will walk you through the different aspects of kickstarting a weight loss diet. We will look into the various things that you have to focus on while creating a meal plan. We will provide you with a seven-day meal plan that will help you in forming a routine.

Apart from that, we have brought together some of the best weight loss programs available online that you can join. By selecting one of these programs, you can obtain weight loss plans for men and women. They are also helpful in losing weight after having a baby.

So, let’s get into the different aspects that can assist you in planning your weight loss meal plan with ease.

Things to consider while planning your easy weight loss diet

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When it comes to planning your meal as part of losing weight after having a baby or otherwise, you have to focus on several things. Though you can follow a diet plan with ease, you must have a general idea of that beforehand.

Here are some things to consider while planning your meal as you kickstart your weight loss diet.

Create a calorie deficit diet plan

A calorie-deficit diet is highly beneficial in boosting weight loss. Whenever you have a question about which diet is best for weight loss, remember that almost all these diet plans focus on calorie deficiency.

Here, you have to focus on having food items with high fibre and protein content. You have to include fruits and vegetables as well. It is because they can offer fullness. Don’t forget to drink water as you have to keep yourself hydrated while you are on a diet.

Focus on having nutrient-dense meals

Nutrients are essential for our body as they can furnish us with the required amount of energy. Here, the focus is on having non-starchy vegetables. These vegetables in your diet can provide you with vitamins.

Next, you have to include protein-rich food items in your diet plan. Here, you have to include meat, legumes, fish, tofu, etc. You then have to include whole grains and fruits.

When you are on an easy weight loss diet, you would prefer to have snacks at times. Ensure that you have created a fixed timing for the same. You can have snacks that are rich in protein and fibre. Fruits, vegetables, hummus are some great options that you can consider as your snacks.

Avoid processed food items

We all prefer to have processed food items as they reduce the task of preparing food. But, when you are looking forward to starting your weight loss journey, you have to reduce its consumption. By doing so, you can gain more nutrients. At the same time, you can also increase the thermic effect of the food.

When you have fewer processed food items, the number of calories burnt will be more when we compare it to processed food items. For instance, you decide on having whole grain bread and cheddar cheese for your breakfast today.

Here, the calories burnt will be 100 times more than the processed version of bread and cheese. Even though the calorie intake is the same, most of them get burnt out during digestion if you opt for unprocessed food items.

Distribute your calories efficiently

Most people say that they are not losing weight even after controlling their food. It is when you have to focus on the ways you distribute your calories. There are mainly two main methods, and they are front-heavy distribution and back-heavy distribution approach.

When it comes to the front-heavy distribution approach, you will have more calories for your breakfast. You would have to decrease the calories for lunch and dinner. Many studies consider this approach as an efficient way of enhancing weight loss.

The reason is that when you have a calorie-rich breakfast, your body can utilise that energy for activities throughout the day. It will help in reducing cravings as well. It is because you would be feeling full.

Another approach is back-heavy distribution. Here, the focus is on having a calorie-rich dinner. However, it is not highly beneficial. The reason is that throughout the day, you would feel hungry, and your cravings could also increase.

Include satiating food in your diet

Another way to plan your meal is to include satiating food in your diet. Some of them are oats, whole grain pasta, etc.

Through this, you can minimise your cravings and desire for snacking. At the same time, it helps suppress your hunger as well.

These are some aspects to consider before you start your weight loss diet plan for men or women. Through this, you can create a shopping list efficiently. Once you purchase your groceries based on your meal plan, you can work on your routine.

Always prepare a routine that you can follow. If you try to push yourself a lot more than you can, you might think about quitting. As you start, you can take baby steps and try to focus on your overall well-being too.

Seven Day Meal plan

When you search for a faster way to lose weight, you can find countless options. But, the question is, do they work for real?

As part of enhancing weight loss, it is pertinent that you maintain a calorie-deficit diet, which is rich in protein.

Research shows that calories matter, and it is beneficial to pay close attention to the type of food you have daily.

Here, we have brought together a seven-day meal plan for easy weight loss.

Day One

Breakfast- Oats Smoothie

You can prepare an oats smoothie by using three tablespoons of broad oats. Start by soaking it in ½ cup of water. You can add dates to it. Let it soak for 10 minutes.

Now, you can include ¼ cup of roasted peanut. You can also opt for a tablespoon of peanut butter or almonds. Another excellent ingredient is plant-based milk.

Don’t forget to add flax seeds and sliced pieces of banana to it. You can now blend it with ½ cup of water.

Lunch- Vegetable soup

You can prepare vegetable soup with a tablespoon of virgin olive oil. You have to add onion, carrot, tomato, garlic to it. You have to slice them into small pieces. Ensure that you are adding grounded paper to the dish.

Snack- Apple with nuts

Dinner- Chicken with green beans

Here, you can start by spraying olive oil into the pan. You have to add water or chicken broth and then sliced carrot and green beans. You have to let it cook for a while.

In the same pan, you have to add one sliced garlic and four ounces of chicken breast. Add salt, fresh black pepper, and crushed red pepper.

You have to mix all the ingredients once they get cooked properly.

Day Two

Breakfast – Smoothie with banana and kale

You can prepare this smoothie by adding ½ frozen and ripe banana. You have to include pieces of mango, one cup of kale, ½ small avocado.

Along with that, you have to add ½ cup of greek yoghurt and ½ cup of plant-based or fat-free milk. You can include this smoothie in the weight loss diet plan for men and women.

Lunch – Vegetable soup

You can use the same recipe as we have mentioned for the first day.

Snack – One banana with nuts

Dinner – Vegan rice

You can prepare this dish by cooking ¼ cup of brown rice in water. You have to add salt as well.

In another pan, you can start by sprinkling olive oil. You have to add sliced pieces of ¼ white onion, two mushrooms, one medium carrot, and water.

Once they get cooked, you have to put minced tomato. Along with that, you have to add ½ teaspoons of tomato paste, powder, Italian seasoning, dried thyme, paprika, onion powder.

You have to sprinkle salt and fresh black pepper powder too. Once you finish cooking, you can have this with rice.

Day Three

Breakfast – Green Smoothie

You can prepare a green smoothie by adding sliced mango, peach, and frozen spinach. You also have to include one medium banana.

Before you blend it, you have to add water. It is best to mix 200 ml of water for a glass of smoothie.

Lunch – Green Salad

Here, you have to slice cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, corn, and swell potato into small pieces. You have to cook them in olive oil. Add salt and pepper based on your requirement.

You can always opt for grilled salmon or chickpeas while preparing the green salad.

Snack – One cup broccoli with cauliflower

Dinner – Cob with vegetables

You have to start by adding olive oil, salt, black pepper, dried oregano to both sides of the cob fillets. You have to bake it.

Next, prepare it with crushed garlic, bell pepper in olive oil. You can sprinkle salt and add low-fat fresh cream to the dish.

Day Four

Breakfast – Porridge

You can prepare porridge with oats. You have to soak it for at least 10 minutes before you use it.

Next, you have to microwave oats with semi-skimmed milk for two minutes. Once you finish it, you can add dry fruits and nuts like peanuts or cashews.

Lunch – Tuna with mixed greens

You can prepare this dish with three ounces of fresh tuna. You can use different greens while cooking tuna with mixed greens.

Add one cup of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and one tablespoon of vinegar while you make this dish.

Snack – Apple with nuts

Dinner – Turkey Pasta

You can use whole grain pasta for preparing this dish. Start by cooking the pasta with water.

You have to take another pan. Into it, you have to add slices of onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and grounded chicken.

You have to add tomato sauce and cheese while preparing it. Finally, you have to add the pasta to these ingredients.

Day Five

Breakfast – Oats with blueberries

You can prepare oats with blueberries using overnight soaked oats. You have to add ½ cup of oats to ½ cup of non-fat Greek yoghurt.

Next, you have to include ½ cup of non-fat milk. You can go for plant-based milk while making this dish. Once you finish cooking, you can add ½ cup of blueberries to it.

Lunch – Kale salad

While preparing kale salad, you can add eggs as well. It is because eggs can provide your body with the required amount of proteins.

Besides that, you have to add dried cranberries and cherry tomatoes. Here, you can create a dressing of sliced avocados and mangoes too. However, it is optional.

Snack – Carrots with cherry tomatoes

Dinner – Quinoa with vegetables

You can start preparing this dish by boiling water with salt. You can have to add quinoa to it.

In another pan, you have to sprinkle oil. Then, you have to add sliced tomatoes, zucchini, onions, and garlic paste to it.

Next, you have to sprinkle salt, black pepper, and dried oregano into the dish. You can bake them with quinoa before serving them.

Day Six

Breakfast -Whole wheat toast

You can have whole wheat toast on the sixth day of your easy weight loss diet. You can also have two hard-boiled eggs along with your toast as they can provide you with the required amount of nutrients.

Lunch – Spring roll with vegetables

You can prepare spring rolls in olive oil with onions, green chillis, carrots, and cabbage. You can purchase spring roll wrappers or make them from scratch using cornflour.

Snack – One cup of blueberries with an ounce of nuts

Dinner – Wild rice with boiled greens

You can prepare wild rice by cooking it with water and salt. In another pan, you can sprinkle olive oil and add minced vegetables.

You can include onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots with salt, pepper, paprika. After you finish cooking, you can serve rice and boiled greens together.

Day Seven

Breakfast – Scrambled egg

For breakfast, you can have scrambled egg. You can have it with ½ cup of black beans. You can also have one whole wheat tortilla with the scrambled egg.

Lunch -Tuna salad

You can start by slicing ½ cucumber, ½ avocado, and cilantro leaves. You have to add three ounces of tuna to a bowl.

Next, you have to create a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. You have to add it to the bowl and blend it.

Snack – Baby carrots with hummus

Dinner – Grilled salmon with vegetables

You can prepare grilled salmon using olive oil. Do add pepper, salt, lemon juice, and crushed garlic based on your requirement. You can also include vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, and kale in this recipe.

These are the meal plans that you can consider while you kickstart your weight loss journey. You can improvise them based on your taste and requirements.

However, you have to ensure that you are on a calorie deficit diet. Apart from that, you have to remain consistent and also exercise regularly to attain the desired results.

Different weight loss programs to join in 2021

Sometimes, you might find it challenging to stick to a diet plan to enhance weight loss. At times, you would have plenty of questions, such as which diet is best for you?

Sometimes you would be in search of a platform that can help you plan your diet and workouts. Though you can find several options, it is best if you can opt for customised plans.

The primary reason behind this is that every person is different, and the way their bodies function is step-by-step also unique. Here, we have brought together some of the best diet plans and programs to assist you through the process.

You can also find platforms that offer different types of weight loss programs. Besides that, you can read keto success stories and other reviews that will help in making the right decision.

So why don’t we have a look at the fastest ways to lose weight?

Tony Robbins – The Body You Deserve

Tony Robbins offers at-home programs that provide faster ways to lose weight. Here, you can shop for breakthrough applications and tools to help you with your weight loss journey. One of his best programs for losing weight is The Body You Deserve.

With Tony Robbins, you can discover sustainable weight loss strategies. The plans provided by Tony Robbins in his programs have been a part of maintaining his body weight. He offers step by step guides that you can use as you start working on losing weight.

Through his programs, you can overcome the unhealthy relationship you might be having with unprocessed food items. While you start the program, you can opt for audio or pdf versions.

Besides that, you can always opt for its physical version. Here, the program focuses on replacing harmful beliefs, managing urges and becoming a peak performer. The course also emphasizes the importance of considering change as a must. Here, the focus is on aerobic exercises.

Apart from this program for weight loss, you can have Tony Robbins Protein shake. It is available in two different flavours, and they are vanilla and chocolate. It is known as the “Ultimate Weight Loss.”

By including this drink in your diet, you can acquire lean muscles. It is also highly beneficial in enhancing your metabolism rate.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers offers membership programs that can assist in losing weight with ease. Here, they have four main programs. You can choose one based on your fitness goals.

In their Digital plan, they furnish weight loss and wellness plans. You can get a barcode scanner that can help you keep track of the food items you have or purchase. Apart from that, they have guided workshops and meditation programs.

Another excellent program provided by Weight Watchers is Digital 360. It is similar to their Digital plan, but they offer live and on-demand expert-led content here. You can gain progress reports based on the weekly check-ins by experts.

In their third plan, which is Unlimited Workshops, you can obtain unlimited face-to-face coaching from experts. Here, you can also gain other perks provided in the Digital and Digital 360 programs.

If you prefer to have one-on-one consultations and guidance, Weight Watch has that as well. In their last package, you can get private one-on-one coaching from experts. However, this exclusive program is different from the other three plans offered by Weight Watch.

You can take part in any of these programs to find faster ways to lose weight. You can gain access to the recipe database, obtain personalised diet plans and workout routines.

The Mayo Clinic Diet Program

One of the most frequently asked questions is which diet is best for weight loss?

However, its answer is highly subjective and would change from one person to another. It is the primary reason why we need to opt for personalized weight loss programs.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is one of the leading programs to join when it comes to kickstarting your weight loss journey. They offer medically proven methods that can enhance the process. They have countless success stories that you can read on their official website.

Here, they have two phases as part of their weight loss program. The first one is Lose it, and here, they have designed programs that help you to lose weight safely. The duration of this phase is two weeks.

In the second phase, which is known as Live it, they continue to focus on your weight loss. Here, they provide a plethora of tools and techniques that can even help losing weight after having a baby. They are beneficial for others as well.

Through the program, you would get personalised meal plans. They would include recipes too. As part of this, you can obtain portion control guidance and motivational lifestyle tips regularly.

The Mayo Clinic Diet also offers interactive tools that can help you keep track of your health. They would guide you through their food and fitness journals. You can also get weight and inch trackers as part of this program.

Apart from the diet plan, you would receive personalised workout plans. They will be an exercise index, fitness tips, guides for walking and running too.

Julian Michaels Fitness App

Julian Michaels is a leading fitness expert, and through her fitness app, she offers customised workout programs for everyone. Their fitness app is available across different operating systems and even on smart televisions.

Here, you can opt for programs based on your long-term goals. They have curated programs for one month to an entire year. Through this, you can stay on track and work on your fitness goals with ease.

Once you purchase Juilain Michaels’ Fitness App, you can create personalised training sessions. Here, there are several customisation options.

For instance, you can do it based on the workout length you want to choose. You will receive feedback on your progress.

Through this, you can modify your workouts and increase or decrease their intensity. In the app, you can connect your tracking device (like a smartwatch).

Apart from workout programs, you can also choose a playlist while exercising. Besides that, if you have any questions on which diet is best for you,

Julian Michaels’ fitness app has you covered. You can find customisable diet plans for keto, paleo, pescatarian, and others too.

Do Fasting

With Do Fasting, you can find customised weight loss solutions based on your requirements. Here, you can select a fasting method that works best for you. By becoming a part of Do Fasting, you have access to essentials ranging from healthy diet plans to workouts.

You can focus on diet plans and workout routines that are easy for you to incorporate into your routine. At the same time, you can put them into practice with no hassle.

Since Do Fasting follows intermittent dieting, it could be challenging to put them to effect as you start. Do Fasting helps you stay on track by providing you with motivation boosts and reminders. They can help you with your fasting journey.

Here, you can choose challenges that extend up to 28 days. You can also find daily pieces of advice for leading a healthy life. You can gain access to different meal plans as well. They can help you work through your calorie requirements.

By becoming a part of Do Fasting, you can keep track of your weight from the very beginning. Through this, you can acquire your desired weight or result as you have planned.

With the assistance of Do Fasting, you can also get access to exclusive articles done based on scientific research. Once you become part of Do Fasting, you can start using this app as your fasting assistant.

Dr Colbert’s Keto Zone

Dr Colbert is an author of famous works like Keto Zone Diet. Here, you can find programs designed by Dr Colbert that focuses on Keto Zone challenges. One of his most renowned programs that you can consider joining is their 21-day challenge.

By becoming part of their program, you can gain access to keto zone recipes, videos, and articles. You can also look into their keto success stories.

There are other challenges that you can join. One of them is the 21 days detox challenge by Dr Colbert. Here, the focus is on cleansing and detoxing your body.

You can find videos, delicious recipes, supplements designed by Dr Colbert. Besides that, you can also gain access to a shopping list that can help you through the process.

There would be fasting zone books, and you can become a member of their exclusive Facebook group.

When you decide to join Dr Colbert’s detox program, you can opt for starter kits or nutritional kits. However, you have to do that based on your requirement. You can find more details on the same while you shop from their website.

Apart from that, you can also buy products from Dr Colbert’s platform. They can help you in staying healthy and achieving your fitness goals.

From collagen powder to instant ketones, you can buy products that can help losing weight after having a baby or in general.

Besides that, you can also shop for cookbooks and other works written by Dr Colbert. They can assist you in gaining progress and confidence during your weight loss journey.

These are some of the best ways by which you can enhance your weight loss journey. As each person is different, you have to look into the programs in detail and select one that suits your requirements. Through this, you can ensure that you are on track and attain results in the desired time duration.


Having an effective diet and workout plan is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Here, we have looked into the different ways of creating a meal plan that works best for you. However, you have to remember that each person is unique and subjective.

You can obtain personalised coaching and training by choosing one of the programs we have discussed above. Besides that, it is best to maintain a calorie deficit diet and focus on a front-heavy distribution approach while planning a weight loss meal plan.

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