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Why you should always strive to be better but be realistic about your expectations

We all have expectations or personal beliefs about things that may take place in the future. The expectations arise as a result of a combination of individual experiences and knowledge. For example, experience has taught us to be prepared for pandemics, or our experiences with rogue landlords can push you to yearn to be a house owner in the future, thus you set your expectations towards owning a house. Therefore, the expectations serve as a basic function in preparing us for action. We make choices based on expectations and make decisions that will affect future plans.

Becoming better is a combined improvement process where a person improves from a negative condition and up to a positive position. You can master your cognitive skills, neglect the negative conditions, as well as learn new skills and acquire knowledge. It is possible for us to become better through self-improvement. “Better” depends on what is good according to human beings, therefore, you should focus on being positive or a movement towards a good outcome.

Richard Templer wrote about the rules of life that enable a person to live a better, happier, and more successful life. According to Richard, a person can identify behaviors that make people glide effortlessly onward and upward in life and master the knack of successful living. He says that people should choose to do certain things every day of their lives and particularly we should focus on things that make us happy. Expectations affect how we feel. For example, if you have negative expectations, it is likely that you will get anxious and depressed, hence, believe in your own ability to perform well in a task or to meet your needs, desires, values, or beliefs.

It helps to pay attention to our own expectations but also to be realistic. You may struggle to fulfill your expectations when they are not clearly defined or expressed. The expectations should be reasonable to prevent burn-out for giving too much of ourselves as we strive to exceed the expectations.

How to be realistic

  • Create an idea that is possible
  • Be creative and explore life in the mind before you suffer any consequences
  • Recognize the need from want
  • Control the extreme opinions and thoughts to avoid bombarding people with one side of the scale
  • Allocate yourself enough time to accomplish your goal
  • Make good decisions and considerations. Quick and rash decisions without good considerations can lead to bad consequences
  • Think before acting
  • Think from more than one perspective. Think about someone else who has been in that situation, it will help you be realistic
  • Be humble. Humility helps you to ensure that you do not put your perspectives and worth above others
  • Enquire and listen more. Actively listen to learn from others to become more realistic. Ask questions to avoid getting into trouble or unseen risks.
  • Dream, do what you say you will do, and ask for help to accomplish your goals

In conclusion, it is better to admit your mistake rather than to protect blunders and failures and be ready to learn from them and as a result, you will become more realistic.

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