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How COVID-19 Changed the Dating Game

According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a large family of respiratory viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe illnesses such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The COVID-19 pandemic has led to massive health, social, and economic challenges. The disease is deadly particularly to persons over the age of 60 and those with underlying health conditions. The mitigation measures include: –

  • Staying at home
  • Avoiding social gatherings and crowded places
  • Frequent cleaning of hands
  • Hand sanitizing
  • Covering the mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing and discarding the tissue thereafter and thoroughly cleaning the hands afterward.
  • Keeping a distance of 2 meters from other people

The intervention measures have changed our everyday routine in a significant way. The measures have impacted our social and professional lives as well as our romantic lives in an unexpected manner. Due to restrictions, couples can no longer go to movies, restaurants, or basically, go out for dates. During the pandemic, people across the globe were isolated at home and physical contact outside of one’s household was not allowed.

Being on lockdown resulted in stressors on couples’ relationships. The behavior has also changed as people are worried about infectious diseases. Others may shy away from dating due to the potential health risk. The pathogen has posed a threat to our survival and has made us engage in behavioral patterns that reduce the likelihood of becoming infected. People have become less open and have reduced physical contact. For instance, people have felt more vulnerable to the disease thus lower their levels of interest in dating.

There are changes in how we now live, work, and socialize. According to a survey done in Australia, 55% of people were challenged by the new living arrangements even those living closely. 20% were able to manage and develop positive changes to close relationships. More than 52% spent most of their time making efforts to maintain relationships during the lockdown and 42% experienced a negative change in their relationship with their partners. Those that felt lonely experienced negative relationship changes during the pandemic

The majority of people who engaged in positive coping efforts had a small increase in their relationship satisfaction and adaptive strategies whereas those who had a poor coping efforts experienced high conflict and a decrease in relationship satisfaction as well as adaptive strategies. As we as still not yet out of the hook, it is advisable to remain cool and comfortably ask personal questions early enough due to the health risks. People are now turning to online dating. Applications such as FaceTime, Zoom, and similar platforms have come in handy to offer dating alternatives to traditional dating. People can chat and still have a wonderful time although they should be cautious of online predators.

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